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GE Ultrafiltration UF211
Code : GE-UF211

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GE Ultrafiltration UF211


 GE Ultrafiltration UF211


System Benefits


Total Convenience

The Homespring™ Ultrafiltration System by GE is installed at the point where water enters your home, providing unlimited, ultrafiltered water at every faucet. The system is virtually maintenance-free and automatically self cleans on a daily basis.


Great Taste

Bottled water taste is now as easy as turning on the tap. The Homespring ultrafiltration System by GE can reduce unpleasant tastes and odors at the point of entry to your home.


Limitless Supply

A steady stream of ultrafiltered water is available for all your family needs. The Homespring Ultrafiltration System by GE reduces dry skin and allergic reactions due to chlorinated water.


System Specifications

Homespring™ model number


Max rated peak flow in gallons (liters) per minute

11 (42)

Max rated continuous flow in gallons (liters) per min

4.5 (17)

Carbon filter capacity in gallons (liters)

130,000 (0.49)

Installation height (vertical mount) inches (cm)

74 (188)

Installation height (horizontal mount) inches (cm)

36 (91)

Footprint (vertical mount) inches (cm)

18 x 18 (45 x 45)

Footprint (horizontal mount) inches (cm)

24 x 74 (61 x 188)

Maximum ambient temperature

60°C (140°F)

Homespring controllers

Advanced plus

Maximum peak flow rate (LPM/USgal)

Up to 42/11

Maximum continous flow rate (LPM/USgal)


Minimum temperature (°C/°F)


Maximum temperature (°C/°F)


Approximate flush volume (litres/USgal)


Typical system efficiency*


Controller Voltage (VAC)

120 / 230

Bacteria Removal**


Virus removal **


Cyst removal **


*Depends upon model, water quality and flow rate.
**Please see certification and testing data for more information


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